Importance of Computer Knowledge in Every Student’s Life

  • Publish on: 5/29/2018
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The era of digitalism basically started with the invention of computer. Since then, our society has been experiencing remarkable growth in technology by getting benefited from digital products including PCs, laptops, mobile phones, cameras etc. As a matter of fact, everything started with computer, therefore the knowledge of computer is much important than any other thing. Students, belonging to different fields of life, must have the knowledge of computer because its use is required in every area. Whether you become a doctor or an engineer, a businessman or a housewife, you’ll always need computer knowledge. This article will further discuss the importance of computer knowledge in every student’s life, even those belonging to non-IT studies.

  1. Use of Emails:

Every student should have the knowledge of using emails because student as well as professionals both requires it. The understanding of computer is important for every student so that they can send and receive emails easily. Some teachers also ask for assignment submission through emails and students should do that privately to keep it confidential because asking for someone’s help might make you lose your work’s uniqueness. Having computer knowledge will simply make students’ life easy by saving from all the hassle.

  1. Digital Documentation knowledge:

We’re living in digital age and every task gets done in digital manner. Students also require to complete their assignments, projects, thesis and many other tasks by using computer as teachers don’t prefer holding bulk of sheets in order to check the work. So, this makes the knowledge of computer quite important for all students, even the ones who don’t belong to IT courses. Every student need to do digital documentation by using Word, Adobe reader, PPT and Excel to complete assigned works properly.

  1. Internet research proficiency:

To complete an assignment or a project, you need to do heavy research. Students can use libraries for this purpose but finding required research material through books is time consuming and require a lot of effort. Whereas, through internet you can find exactly your desired topic and reference material in few minutes with no effort. Computer knowledge provides internet research proficiency so that you can enjoy good and relative content for your project by saving a lot of your precious time.

  1. Social media usage:

Students also need computer knowledge for social media use such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumbler etc. whole world is connected through social media and students also require to be a part of vast community in order to increase interaction.

  1. Entertainment purposes:

An understanding of computer can help you with entertainment purposes as well. You can download movies, listen to songs, play games and much more by using your computer.

  1. Expertise in operating digital products:

Having Computer knowledge spontaneously provide you an expertise in operating any digital product. Computer proficiency basically improves your mind’s understanding level overall. You can operate latest digital gadgets, without any prior knowledge, just on the basis of your computer expertise.

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